Thank you firstly for visiting my site, i hope you enjoy my work.

Well obviously I'm Wayne Brown, born in Sutton in St Helens and now down the road in Sandymoor, Runcorn.
I'd always had an interest in photography growing up but never acted upon it unfortunately, then finally in 2009 when living in Rugeley, I brought my first DSLR camera, the wonderful little Olympus e410 with a couple of lenses and started there, I attended some groups nights at Ariana Photographics Studio and some events with the Midlands Strobist Group that was on Flickr to help me learn more and slowly started buying more kit, today I use the Canon 60D as my main camera, but also use some 35mm film cameras like the Canon EOS 5000 but have also recently acquired loads other films cameras like the Canon EOS 300, Petri V6ii and a different point & shoot cameras which I look forward to showing on here in the near future.
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